Student Successes

The enthusiasm and intellectual capital contributed by the dynamic students who have participated in this initiative is at the core of what drives the success of MacEngaged.

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation

Team Name

Take 5

Team Members

Ahmed Al-Shafayeen
Brij Karmur
Vicky Looby
Bhaag Marway
Jalpit Patel
Ashish Shrestha

Our interests were focused on resolving mental health issues, so we decided to use mindfulness meditation as the solution to this problem. Our initiatives were split into four parts: the McMaster, the Hamilton, the Global, and the Technological Initiatives.

With the McMaster initiative we held a mindfulness meditation session open to all, in which, we explained the neuroscience behind mindfulness and its benefits. Holding this successful event, the Take 5 team made it to an article on the McMaster Daily News.

With our Hamilton initiative, although incomplete in the time frame of this course, we hope to spark curiosity about the brain and mindfulness meditation in young children of elementary schools. With our Global initiative, through two youth-driven organizations, we were able reach Bangladeshi children in poverty.

For further information, view Vicky Looby’s Learning Portfolio.

Bangladesh School Video