Student Successes

The enthusiasm and intellectual capital contributed by the dynamic students who have participated in this initiative is at the core of what drives the success of MacEngaged.

“Once Upon a Brain”: A Board Game about the Brain!

Team Name


Team Members

Neha Kantipudi
Sol Ji Kim
Karen Mohite
Marriam Qazi
Danielle Smith

We created a workshop called “Once Upon A Brain” which allowed participants to learn about different functions of the brain through interactive and fun activities. Our workshop consisted of three parts: an introduction which allows us to spark interest in our participants about the brain, a fun board game, and an activity booklet which every participant can take home.

We received approval for our workshop from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, we held various workshop-events in libraries and schools throughout Hamilton (Ontario). BRAINiacs succeeded to reach out to South Korean and Pakistani schools. Overall, we have reached out to more than 1000 students locally and globally!

For further information, view Sol Ji’s Learning Portfolio.